Early Learning Centre

We believe every child should feel a strong sense of wellbeing. When a child feels safe and has a sense of belonging they are attuned to learn and discover through relationships and play. Relationships are central to learning.

We value each child as a capable, competent and active learner. Their unique capabilities and interests are nurtured by our curriculum. The curriculum is designed with strong vision of stimulating play and enquiry based learning, guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards.

We believe in the SocioECultural TheoristsE Bruner, Vygotsky and Loris Malaguzzi, with special focus on components of their work. BrunerE Children are capable of understanding complex information, through scaffolding children’s learning. VygotskyE Children learn from social interaction. Educators are involved verbally with children during some play experiences. Loris MalaguzziE opportunities for creative thinking and exploration are provided provoking children’s creative thinking and problem solving.

We encourage family involvement in the program, providing playgroup and supporting mother and child attachmentE Bowlby. We understand that the way to support a developing positive attachment and relationship with a child includesE Understanding, Recognition, Consistency, Sensitivity, Encouragement, Reliability and predictability. We encourage this from our mothers and in our everyday practices.

We provide environmental sustainability by providing practices that the children can take into their futures.

We embrace cultural diversity, respecting family’s diverse values, cultural backgrounds, traditions and knowledge.

We connect with the community through excursions, parent and child excursions and invite community members to attend the centre.

We take pride in giving the children of Port Early Learning Centre educators and an environment that stimulates their natural curiosity and desire to learn. These tools will benefit them for a future of learning.