Access Policy

Port School is an inclusive educational body and commits itself to providing access to all students regardless of disability or exceptionality.

To provide this universal access it will rearrange classes, improve classroom access and provide educational support for students with physical disabilities, parents with new babies and young people with any other challenge that present to the school to enrol.

Access to information is legislated by the Commonwealth Privacy Act which guides all collection, storage and dissemination of information provided by and related to Port School students, staff and those in related roles such as Board members. This information may include:

  • Student information of all types
  • Parent/caregiver/guardian information before, during or after enrolment at Port
  • Job applicants, staff, volunteers and contractors though an exception applies to employee records directly related to a current or former employment relationship between the school and the employee
  • Other people in contact with the school


Port School will use personal information for the primary purpose which is stated and for secondary purposes related to the primary purpose and reasonably expected, or to which a person has consented.

Forms may be filled out by:

  • parents/caregivers/guardians
  • students
  • teachers after meetings with students and parent/caregiver/guardian
  • after telephone calls
  • after interviews

Sensitive information related to: racial or ethnic origin; political opinions; religion; trade union or professional trade or associated membership; sexual preferences; criminal record or health information follows the same primary disclosure laws.

Third Party Information

The school may collect personal information from a third party such as a medical professional or a reference from another school, etc. This information is dealt with in strictest confidence and not disseminated.


The Enrolment Form contains a section related to photos and video which is signed at the time of enrolment and this permission applies until it is expressly removed in writing.
The school as part of its activities takes photos of activities, staff, students and other personnel for internal use and promotion in newsletters, the website, and public relations materials and for internal and external promotion. Full names will not be used with photos for publications outside the school community.

Such materials are also used for evidence in grading and moderation of student work.

Students and Carers

Port School collects information to enable it to educate the student and provide for the needs of Carers and of the students during the time of enrolment. This information may be used for:

  • informing Carers about school related matters in letters, newsletters and magazines
  • day to day administrative documents
  • caring for students academic, social, spiritual needs and medical wellbeing
  • seeking donations and marketing for the school
  • to satisfy legal obligations about duty of care

If requested information is NOT supplied the student may not be permitted to enrol.

Job Applicants and Staff

Collection of information to assess and engage applicants is a primary function. This may be kept:

  • to comply with legislation related to maintenance of evidence and Child Protection
  • to administer the employment contract
  • for insurance
  • for marketing purposes

Volunteers who assist in school functions or with activities must provide personal information which will be managed in the same way.

Disclosing Information

Personal information can be supplied to:

  • another school
  • government departments
  • medical practitioners
  • service providers e.g. visiting teachers, sports coaches
  • school publication recipients
  • carers
  • anyone authorised to have information disclosed to

No information will be sent overseas without EXPRESS permission of the individual in some cases implied or otherwise complying with National Privacy Principles.

Information Management

Staff will respect confidentiality of ALL information and protect privacy of individuals of all ages.

Misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure by use are all prevented by:

  • locking of cupboards containing confidential information
  • password protection of computer databases
  • back up of databases daily
  • internet security

Currency of Information

Port School ensures sign off when information is provided which declares currency and accuracy of information and parents are encouraged to approach the school with any change of circumstances. This information will be held only as long as it is relevant as deemed by the Principal.

Accessing Personal Information

The individual can access personal information to:

  • advise the school of inaccuracies
  • students will access information through parent/caregiver/guardian request – generally information will be provided unless release of the information will have a negative impact on the privacy of the student and the school may use its discretion regarding maturity of the student and Duty of Care factors
  • older students may submit a request in writing to the Principal stating the reason for the request and may be charged a small fee to cover the cost of locating and verifying such information

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