COVID Updates

Port School is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all staff,
ancillary workers, students and their families, contractors,
visitors and community members.
Updates on COVID guidelines which impact the Port School Community
will be posted to this website page.
COVID Guidelines
(valid from September 2023)

We are committed to ensuring Port School remains safe for students, staff and families as we continue to live with COVID.

  • Anyone experiencing symptoms is strongly encouraged to stay home if they’re unwell, and to remain at home until symptoms have resolved.
  • Masks are not a requirement on public and passenger transport, including school buses and vehicles. Staff and students can wear a mask at school if they choose to.
  • Students and staff may at times visit venues off campus, and are required to comply with all venue specific requirements. Rules may vary in high-risk settings including private hospitals, aged care and disability care facilities. Each facility can determine their own isolation requirements and these must be adhered to. This includes Port School, which may amend Covid protocols at any time.
  • Students on work placements must adhere to all requirements of the specific workplace which may include vaccination, isolation and mask-wearing requirements.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to protect themselves and others. This is achieved by following good hygiene principles and practices including:
  • Staff and students staying home when unwell.
  • Mouth and nose being covered when coughing and sneezing, using a flexed elbow or tissue and disposing of tissues appropriately.
  • Washing hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub, including prior to meal breaks.

Thank you for your continued support in keeping Port School COVID safe.

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