Port Early Learning Centre

Port Early Learning Centre (ELC) is located on the grounds of Port School campus, right next door to the Young Parent Centre.

Port ELC is a fully licensed and assessed service, compliant to WA standards, providing quality care. Our experienced and trained staff care for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years of age.

We provide a unique service with only 25 places available, with priority given to parents engaged at the Young Parent Centre.

Our Team

At Port ELC we have professional, qualified staff who are passionate about their vocation. They are carefully selected and are eager to advance their skills and  further develop their knowledge to help build loving and caring relationships with the children, thus ensuring they have firm foundations to become enthusiastic learners with keen interactive skills.

Our Beliefs

We believe every child should feel a strong sense of wellbeing, with the child being the centre of all that we do.  When a child feels safe and has a sense of belonging, they are attuned to learn and discover through relationships and play. Relationships are central to learning.

We value each child as a capable, competent and active learner. Their unique capabilities and interests are nurtured by our curriculum. The curriculum is designed with a strong vision of stimulating play and enquiry based learning, guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards.

We encourage family involvement in the program, by organising playgroups, thus supporting Bowlby’s theory on mother and child attachment. We understand that the way to support a developing positive attachment and relationship with a child includes – Understanding, Recognition, Consistency, Sensitivity, Encouragement, Reliability and Predictability.

We embrace cultural diversity, respecting each family’s unique values, cultural backgrounds, traditions and knowledge.  We promote a holistic approach to their wellbeing and believe in encompassing their physical, health, dietary and emotional needs.

We take pride in giving the children of Port Early Learning Centre an environment that stimulates their natural curiosity, interests and desire to learn, empowering them for a future of learning.

Woolworths Land Care Grant

Youngmi, with a little help from Emily, applied in 2022 for a $1000 Woolworths Land Care Grant. We were super excited when we received this in June! The aim of the project was to create an edible/native garden for the children, families and community of Port Early Learning Centre. We hoped that by developing the garden everyone would gain knowledge about food production and sustainability, as well as enhancing their sensory abilities and positive social skills through participation in developing and maintaining the garden.

The children have been involved in preparing soil, planting, watering, harvesting and consuming the produce. We have continued to embed sustainable practices by using food scraps to feed the worms and create compost. The environmental and educational outcomes of the project have included:  the benefits of growing produce, plant life cycles, plant care and motivation to eat healthy. The worm castings from our established work farm have been used to fertilise the garden and to help produce a healthier crop. We are looking forward to taste-testing more of the fruit and vegetables as our blueberries, snow peas and carrots continue to flourish.

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