The aim of Port School’s Maths Department is to strengthen students’ functional mathematical skills. Students work individually, at their own pace, to master basic mathematical skills that are needed in real-life situations. Once introduced to the concept, students consolidate their learning in pairs and small groups, with games and puzzles related to the topic.

Great progress has recently been made, particularly with addition, where some students have gone from struggling to add single digit numbers to adding 5 digits and beyond, including word problems involving money situations.

Most students are enrolled in one of our Certificate for General Education courses. The Certificate I course involves four workbooks, each an individual unit of competency, focusing on working with a range of numbers and money in familiar and routine situations; working with and interpreting directions in familiar and routine situations; working with measurement in familiar and routine situations; and working with design and shape in familiar and routine situations. These topics allow students to deal with real-life situations that they may encounter in the future.

Certificate II and III delve deeper into these topics and then move further onto more intense subjects such as algebra and financial maths.

Providing a real alternative for adolescents who need a different kind of school.

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