Port Outreach Program

Port Outreach Program aims to create a bridge that helps connect the students back into life and back into school and a learning environment.

Port School’s Outreach Program supports students academically, socially and emotionally to re-engage in their education. The program is tailor-made to meet the needs of the individual student. There is an emphasis in engaging students in areas of high interest, in  literacy and numeracy and facilitating the student to access their specific educational pathway.

A recent review of our practices has highlighted the specific nature of the Port Outreach Program and has helped us refine our policy and practice. The program is gathering some acclaim, and several schools have reached out requesting professional development to support them commencing a program modelled on Port School’s.

The Port Outreach Program is generally a one-on-one offsite program that aims to reduce the stress some students experience when required to work in classrooms in a conventional school environment.  The program utilises local Youth Centres, libraries and other community services as part of the Outreach classroom. The long-term goal is to transition students back into an onsite school environment. The Port Outreach Team is staffed by experienced Youth Workers, Counsellors and Teachers.

The student’s program is structured around their Individual Education Plan, which is designed in collaboration with the student, caregivers and when relevant, interagency consultation. The IEP offers:

  • Student specific timetable
  • Goal setting and biannual review
  • One on one tutoring and remedial support
  • Opportunity to complete a Certificate II in General Education for Adults
  • Vocational and work experience opportunities
  • Participation in camps and recreational activities
  • Counselling service
  • Biannual comprehensive report
  • School mentorship and case management
  • Opportunity to engage in high interest subjects
  • Access to Keys For Life program
  • Interagency meetings and collaboration when required

The Port Outreach Team is also able to assist students to access health and medical assistance when the parent is absent or unable to support their child.  The program has the capacity to support students to attend sport and recreational facilities and assist students to join local sporting teams.

Port Outreach is the helping hand that supports students to make contact and maintain healthy relationships within their community.

We were recently delighted to hear of the success of one of Port’s original Outreach Program students, who has excelled in a bridging course at Notre Dame University and will be commencing full-time study in Liberal Arts with a specific focus on International Relations.

The program also aims to help improve social, emotional, and physical wellness and, when necessary, can link the student in with the appropriate professional or agency.

Students must meet an eligibility criterion to be considered for the Port Outreach Program. This will be discussed during the enrolment process.

Providing a real alternative for adolescents who need a different kind of school.

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