Port School Kitchen

With students coming to school to learn, it is imperative that they are provided with nourishing whole foods to encourage enthusiastic learning while understanding benefits of eating to fuel the body.

Port School canteen has a new fully equipped industrial kitchen in which students learn to cook a variety of foods and where possible using produce from our very own garden, which was established in 2022 with the City of Cockburn Grant.

Port School Kitchen aims to provide healthy and nutritious food, five days per week to staff and students attending school. As part of WASCA we follow the traffic light system as a healthy school canteen.

Students are welcomed to cooking classes, where they learn the fundamental skills in a kitchen, health and safety, knife skills, hygiene and working collaboratively. Understanding why using seasonal whole foods are important and being able to pick fresh produce from our garden which has grown from seed has been an exciting experience.

Students in Hospitality are encouraged to help choose the menu for the school canteen recess and lunch, provoking conversations around foods to fuel your body and the benefits. Cooking groups create these dishes that are served to the students and staff. Promoting self confidence, pride and the ability to cook dishes in the home. Throughout the year we recognise days such as Naidoc, R U OK, Harmony and many more by providing a themed menu, discussed and chosen by students.

With facilities like no other, we strive to ensure results from our kitchen and the skills learnt are used throughout life not just at school.

Providing a real alternative for adolescents who need a different kind of school.

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