Port Young Parent Centre

Port Young Parent Centre (YPC) provides a holistic and cohesive environment where teenage mums are provided with parenting support and training to achieve educational outcomes.

The YPC provides training in Certificates II and III of General Education for Adults, as well as vocational training in the Hospitality Certificate II and auspicing through Fremantle Education Centre (FEC) in Community Services and Education Support Certificates.

Parenting programs include:

  • Circle of Security
  • Triple P Parenting Program
  • Food and Nutrition Healthy Eating Cooking Program
  • Playgroup

Port YPC provides the opportunity for any teenage mum, whether they are pregnant or parenting, to have the chance to succeed in life, improve their socio-economic outcomes and to be able to support their own children with literacy, numeracy and other core foundation skills. Port School, in collaboration with numerous partner agencies, is helping to make a difference to each teenage mum and her child’s life.

Each term, we offer various courses which support health, wellbeing and parental attachment. We offer life skills classes, including healthy eating, food and nutrition, a fitness program and in-kind parenting and mentoring support by Meerilinga and a Child Health Nurse.

Various recreational excursions such as a “Mums and Bubs” camp, Every Women’s Expo and the ever-popular Teddy Bears’ Picnic are arranged each term, along with ongoing fitness classes and visits to local parks and beaches.

Through our counselling and supportive services, we aim to ensure that the young women are supported in an holistic environment.

This is achieved through informal counselling, psycho-education and specialised parenting programs, such as ‘Circle of Security’. It is imperative for the health, wellbeing and social integration of these teenage mothers, that they are heard and supported.

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Providing a real alternative for adolescents who need a different kind of school.

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