Transition & Pathways

Port School is committed to supporting students towards successful futures.

We offer access to a comprehensive range of transition pathways to help achieve this. These include:

  • School Based Traineeships and Work Experience placements through our local Employer Community
  • VETiS – pre-apprenticeship and industry courses (in-house and external providers)
  • “Try a Trade” and taster courses (external providers)
  • Work Readiness program
  • Volunteering and community-based opportunities

School-Based Traineeships (SBT)

School-based traineeships are undertaken in a part-time capacity, while the young person is still primarily a school-based student. They offer paid employment, while working towards a nationally recognised industry qualification.

The value of this pathway is that it provides our students with  ‘hands on’ industry experience in a real employment environment. There is a genuine chance of gaining a full-time employment outcome from successful completion of this pathway.

We are able to support and mentor our students through this pathway, with their development of essential work readiness and career transition skills. It allows our students to ‘earn while they learn’ and achieve some beneficial financial independence.

School Endorsed Work Placements

‘Work experience’ is the unpaid, short-term placement of our students, which enables those who have expressed interest in a particular industry, to voluntarily engage in activities at an employer’s premises.

Students are placed with employers primarily to observe and learn, not to undertake activities that require extensive training or expertise.

This pathway enables students to explore career options and inform their future training and education choices. It allows them to work alongside adults as part of a team, to gain an understanding of work and to develop and practise new skills.

Employer Community

The establishment of our community of local employers is the key element of our desire to expand opportunities and pathways for Port students. The work opportunities they provide, and their willingness to support the students of Port to achieve, demonstrates a true community investment.

We appreciate the importance of these ongoing school partners and, whenever possible, we recognise and celebrate their businesses and relationships with us.

It is important to us to foster these relationships and ensure beneficial experiences and outcomes for them as well.  This is the best way for us to ensure increasing numbers in our Employer Community and greater opportunities for Port students moving forward.


Port’s ‘Work Readiness’ program allows our students to utilise a timetabled session to explore and prepare for career pathways. They can use online tools to identify aptitude, areas of interest and key requirements across potential career fields.

Through the development of extensive networks with the wider community of training providers in WA, Port has secured opportunities for students to sample and study nationally recognised qualifications outside of our current provision. Throughout the school year our students are alerted to external provider opportunities. These can range from short ‘Try a Trade’ events to full certificate courses provided off-site.

We prioritise our students when considering individual requests and circumstances. As such, Port students are fully guided and supported in all aspects, including meeting application and enrolment requirements, and flexible school structure for attendance and successful achievement.

At Port, we are proud of our students’ achievements and also proud of our approach of student centred-advocacy when preparing for career, learning and life beyond school.

Providing a real alternative for adolescents who need a different kind of school.

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