Enrolling at Port

The purpose of a CARE school is to re-engage young people between 13 and 20 years in education and training. The Port School student body is made up of students who, for various reasons, have not been able to achieve success in mainstream school settings.

Parents/guardians/carers (referred to as parents) interested in enrolling a student at Port School should initially call the Business Manager on (08) 9335 6323, and submit an ‘Expression on Interest’. Details regarding the student and their background will be requested at this time.

Due to the size of Port School, the nature of our students’ challenges and the high enrolment demand, it is likely that a position will not immediately be available.  You may be offered a place on the waitlist, or be advised to re-apply at a later date. The School will contact the parent when a position has become or is likely to become available. Typically, three separate phone calls on three different days will be made. If parents are not contactable and do not respond to the School within five working days, the applicant may be removed from the waitlist. The waitlist is regularly reviewed and triaged, using a range of criteria including student level of need and the status quo of the existing student body. The lodging of a student’s name on the waitlist does not create a legal obligation upon the School to make a place available, or to offer a place in a particular order in which names are placed on the list.

Once a position becomes available, an initial interview with the Principal and/or Head of School will be arranged. Both parent and student must attend this meeting. At this interview, the suitability of Port School in respect to the student’s needs will be explored and assessed. If Port is felt to be suitable, a second interview will be arranged with the student’s Port School Mentor, which again must be attended by both parent and student. Subject to the outcome of this meeting, the parent and student may be asked to complete an enrolment form. The following documentation should be brought to the meeting, and is required in order to proceed with the enrolment.  Failure to supply these documents may result in the enrolment being delayed or not proceeding.

  • Student’s birth certificate
  • Medicare Card
  • Healthcare or Concession Card (if applicable)
  • An up-to-date medical action/management plan for anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes and/or epilepsy, issued by a medical practitioner (if applicable)
  • Students’ Immunisation History Statement, issued by the Australian Immunisation Register, and no older than  3 months old. This can be be downloaded from a MyGov account or alternatively, a statement may be requested by calling the Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809
  • Previous NAPLAN results (if applicable)
  • Previous semester school reports
  • Any relevant specialist medical and educational reports (if applicable)
  • Copies of Residency Orders, Parent Responsibility Orders, Contact Orders, Parenting Plans or Court Orders (eg: VRO)
  • Any documentation that may be required to determine the residency status or visa subclass of the parent or the child

Students may be required to attend a maximum 2-day induction program, which takes place both on and off-campus and may be held in school holidays. Completion of the induction is essential in order to proceed with the enrolment.

Prior to commencing at Port, students are required to sign the Student Code of Conduct and acknowledge receipt of the Port School Handbook, confirming that they are aware of consequences and procedures if the Code is breached. The Handbook outlines guidelines and expectations, including those relating to behaviour and consequences, dress code, use of personal mobile devices and codes of conduct. A copy is available on the school website.

An initial probationary period of 10 days, during which the student attends half-days only, is compulsory.  Attendance and engagement will be reviewed at the end of this period. Probation may be extended or if appropriate, the student will transition to a full-time enrolment.

The Port School Enrolment and Attendance Policy along with other relevant policies can be found on our website. Copies may also be requested from the school office by calling (08) 9335 6323.

Providing a real alternative for adolescents who need a different kind of school.

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