From Feed to Seed: Port's Kitchen Garden

Port’s ‘Seed to Feed’ program is going from strength to strength, thanks to the generous support from the City of Cockburn and Healthways. Our wicking beds and microgreens are producing a bountiful harvest and the produce is being used in the school kitchen. It was all hands on deck during the last week of Term 3, getting our wicker beds built, filled and planted. When we returned to campus at the start of Term 4, the beds were already off and running! This was soon followed by the indoor setup of our yummy microgreens, which have added to the vibrancy of our hospitality area and also added delicious and nutrient-packed produce to our salads and meals. The vibrancy and delicateness of microgreens not only give meals and amazing visual appeal, but also contain concentrated nutrients. Studies have shown that microgreens are loaded with nutrients such as vitamin C, E and K, lutein and beta-caroten, which are often lost in the mature leaves of the same plants.

Gardening is a great pastime. It not only contributes fresh food to growing bodies, but has well documented mental health and wellbeing benefits.

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