Health & Wellbeing: 2020 Ladies' Luncheon at the C Restaurant in the Sky

Port School’s Senior School girls were recently treated to an amazing lunch at WA’s only rotating restaurant, the C Restaurant in the Sky.

In late November, Port School’s Senior School girls were taken to the city’s revolving restaurant, The C Restaurant, to enjoy the magnificent 360 panoramic degree views of Perth, whilst delighting in a gourmet lunch, and most importantly, appreciating each other’s company.

This event is rapidly becoming a community favourite end-of-year-rite of passage for our young women – and it is an event which holds at its heart the celebration of female solidarity and friendship. On this day Port girls demonstrated that they could be genuine community ambassadors for the School’s Core Values – Community; Diversity; Growth and Empowerment, whilst at the same time, showing their ability to adjust to the values and protocols required by broader society. Such as the capacity to show courtesy; etiquette; personal grooming; social grace; inclusivity and camaraderie.

It is always a very heartening experience to see the girls making a special effort with their personal presentation and manners, and the occasion proved to be a very uplifting salute to 2020.

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