Keeping Our Kids Safe Online During COVID-19

A new guide to online safety for parents and carers, with specific tips and advice for this time when kids are spending more time online due to the COVID-19 situation, has recently been released by the eSafety Commissioner.

Click on the link below the download this guide. eSafety Commissioner’s top tips

Parents and carers are encouraged to take simple steps to manage the risks their children can face online – including cyber-bullying and unwanted contact from strangers. This time at home presents a good opportunity for parents to start the online safety chat with their kids.

The eSafety Commissioner’s top tips for parents in protecting their kids online include:

  • Use parental controls in apps and devices to monitor and limit what your child does online.
  • Set time limits for using devices during non-school hours.
  • Keep your kids in open areas of the home when using their devices.
  • Turn on or review privacy settings to restrict who contacts your child in apps and games.
  • Keep engaged through co-view and co-play by joining in with your child’s online activities.

For more information and resources about online safety visit:

Keep safe!



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