Mobile Classroom Camp

Another term of Bus Lyf flies by….the highlight of the term was definitely a 3-day trip we did in week 6 to Tambellup. Tambellup, for those who don’t know, is about 320kms south east of Perth. Just drive down the Albany Highway and turn left after Kojonup. Easy.

It’s also the hometown of the one and only Jeff Farmer…I mean, Dennis Colbung, the wizard who works with us on the Mobile Classroom and back at the school as a youth worker. He’s also not bad at football. Dennis was good enough to take us down and show us his country, to introduce us to his family down there. We were welcomed like family, and can’t thank all the Tambellup mob for making us feel so welcome, and taking the time out to really make it special for the boys.

We spent the days hunting kangaroo, catching djilgies in the dam, and the nights playing basketball and chasing djilgies in the creeks. The amount of food we came back with really made it feel like we had visited a Noongar supermarket!! And all the boys went home with a leg of kangaroo or a box of djilgies to share with their families.

It was cold and wet, but it was humbling and inspiring to see how the boys were able to look beyond this and enjoy the experience for what it was: a real opportunity to connect with country and with traditions that they don’t get to engage with in the city. I know the boys had a great time, and we look forward to heading back again soon.


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