Port Introduces 'Tap & Go' in the Canteen for Term 3

Port School is introducing a new ‘Tap & Go’ account service in the canteen. The system will go live for the start of Term 3 and will enable secure paperless [and possibly future cashless] payment – all with a minimum of fuss.  Your student will be able to purchase canteen items securely and conveniently. If you have previously given your child cash for the canteen, transferred money to the school bank account or deposited funds at the school reception for their canteen account, you will now be able to pay funds directly onto their card.

The system uses the student Port School ID card, which works the same way as a pre-paid debit card. The card is linked to a My Student Account (MSA) which can be easily set up online, offers you secure access and can be managed from your personal device or home computer.

Your My Student Account allows you to deposit funds into your student’s account and offers other great functions which enable you to:

  • Set an alert to advise you when your student’s balance is low.
  • Set a daily spend limit.
  • Restrict access to specific foods.
  • Remind the canteen of any allergies (should also have been advised on enrolment)

Every purchase made from your student’s account can be tracked and viewed online.  All funds deposited are banked with the school and can only be spent on Port School services which you have agreed to.

Although your student’s School ID card is also their Smartrider card, any payments made via your My Student Account will only be available for school canteen purchases. Payments and top-ups on the Smartrider function of the card are to be managed, as always, via the Transperth website.

The system is easy for students to use, and it will greatly improve our canteen service.
Students simply select their canteen items, present their Student ID Card at the cash register, ‘Tap and Go’. So, no cash, no paper accounts in the canteen and no fuss for students and staff! Lost cards can easily be blocked and reordered. Rather than giving your students cash or transferring funds to the school bank account, all you need to do is activate your My Student Account and deposit funds. Deposits will appear on your student’s account within 30 minutes.

Funds can be deposited into your My Student Account via the following methods:

  • The My Student Account Portal: just key in your credit/debit card details.
  • Internet Banking: via BPAY, using your own internet banking service.

You [or your student], can of course still pay funds on to your student’s canteen account at the school’s main reception. We will load the funds manually onto your student’s card, enabling them to use the ‘Tap & Go’ facility. Any balance remaining on your student’s current ‘paper-based’ canteen account, will be transferred to their Student ID Card for the start of Term 3.

We believe that the introduction of a ‘Tap & Go’ system using the My Student Account provides a very safe and secure introduction to account management and budgeting. It uses today’s virtual e-commerce products and introduces Port students to payment methods which have become the norm.  How much and how often you wish to deposit funds is entirely up to you. As every transaction is available for reviewing online, you will have complete transparency and control.

My Student Account Online Banking Service Fees

When making an electronic deposit to your account, a small fee is charged by the service provider to cover the online payment gateway, bank, credit card and support services. The fee has been kept to a minimum and covers the convenience and security afforded by the service to all students and parents and caregivers.

On payments of $100 or less, fees are lowest when using a Credit/Debit card. Funds deposited by card are also available to spend at the school within 30 minutes, whereas BPay payments may take up to 3 days. For those opting to use BPay, it is suggested that a higher ‘low balance alert’ is set, to allow for the delay in payment processing.

For further details, once you have activated your account, please refer to the Fee Disclosure Statement and Knowledge Base on your online My Student Account portal. Download our ‘How to Set Up My Student Account & Handy Hints’ below.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the introduction or use of this service, please call Nolene or Maria at Port School on 9335 6323, or alternatively, send an email to admin@portschool.wa.edu.au.

We are all very excited about the introduction of this new system at Port and are sure that both you and your student will benefit from this service. Please support us by activating your account as soon as possible and depositing funds for the start of Term 3.


(08) 9335 6323