Health & Wellbeing Initiatives for our Senior School Girls

We have a few exciting
Health & Wellbeing initiatives
planned for our Senior School girls
this term!

We have a few exciting Health and Wellbeing Initiatives planned for our Senior School girls this week!


WEEK 7 (this week, commencing 23 November)

Focus on SENIOR School’s Girls’ Health and Wellbeing

As COVID 19 disrupted plans to hold the annual girls’ camp this year, we have decided to run a few ‘feel good’ activities to promote physical and socio-emotional wellbeing. This initiative is in recognition that our senior girls missed on camp this year, and to conclude what has been a hectic and stressful year, in a really positive way!


Tuesday 24 November from 9am – 12 pm SEATED MASSAGES

Promoting stress relief and relaxation – seated massages for the first 24 girls to arrive to school on that day – First in; Best Dressed!

Neck and shoulder massages will be OVER CLOTHES, whilst students are SEATED, and performed by a professional team of masseuses, who are highly respected in their field (NO COST TO FAMILIES). Gils must make sure they report to reception as soon as they arrive to school on the day and indicate to Chelsea whether they would like your name to be added to the massage list. Those who secure a spot on the list, will be called out of the lesson in order of their ‘sign in’ at the student reception and will enjoy 15minutes of ‘bliss’!


Wednesday 25 November – Port Girls’ Annual Solidarity Lunch

To be held at our favourite glitzy venue – Perth’s only revolving restaurant – ‘The C Restaurant’.

Girls who are interested in participating in this event should indicate their interest to Chelsea at student reception, or to Raf by no later than Friday of WEEK 6  (ie: Friday 20 November).

Girls participating must come in smart, appropriate clothing (that is in keeping with the School dress code) and MUST arrive at school by 8.45 am (ie: the official start of the school day) No student arriving later than this time (unless notified by a parent or carer) will be allowed to participate on this excursion on the day (even if they have put their name on the list!). It is important that Port students understand that punctuality is as important as attendance, if they intend to benefit from the rewards that Port has to offer.

*Please note that THERE WILL BE NO alternative PROGRAM offered at School for female students who are not interested in taking part in this excursion.

Everyone is to bring their festive spirits along, leave at home any differences they may have with any peers on the day – and come and enjoy a beautiful lunch of friendship and female bonding! Names into Raf/Chelsea ASAP please.

We will be back in school for regular home bound transport arrangements at 2.10pm

Please note: phones will be permitted for photographic use only on this occasion, and may be confiscated by a staff member, if they are felt to be interfering with social behaviour. Students must also accept FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR CARRIAGE OF THEIR PHONES, as staff will not be returning to the venue to look for any lost property.

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