Malaysia: Here we come!

With only hours to go before students and staff fly to Malaysia for the 2019 excursion, the $20,000 fundraising goal was smashed by two last-minute donations totalling $1,000. This is once again an incredible success for a small school and thanks must go out to our students, parents, guardians and carers, our amazing staff and the greater Port community whose support has enabled us to achieve this fundraising goal.

Port students will be donating RM40,000 ($15,000) to Klang Special School which will enable orphan students to attend the school. Toys, food and musical instruments will also be donated to Orang Asli Indigenous village in Slim River, Perak.

The students will embark on a 12-day excursion that will see them undertake a variety of projects at Klang Special School, as well as experiencing educational, cultural and fun aspects of Malaysia including 4 days in the Cameron Highlands rainforest region.
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